Welcome to the fourteenth edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this edition, we will be looking Shakati at Night. Shakati Private Game Reserve has an abundant night life – and you can experience this by booking one of our famous night drives.

This article focuses on some of the things to see at Shakati during the night time:

Fiery Necked Night Jar

Photo Johan Fourie

One of the most beautiful sounds at night is the Fiery-necked Nightjar. You can hear their beautiful melodious calling from afar. The Fiery-necked Nightjar, Rufous-cheeked Nightjar, Freckled Nightjar and the Square-tailed Nightjar is found on Shakati, but the most famous one is the Fiery-necked Nightjar. The Fiery-necked Nightjar is a Dove sized bird, with big eyes and is quite territorial.

Look out for them sitting in the road, or on a branch next to the road.

Animals at Night

Pop feb17 (7)

Photo Jane and Steen Damgaard

Photo Johan Fourie

During the night time adventure you can discover a whole new look and sounds of the bush, which includes the spotting of animals. Look out of the reflection of light on their eyes as our expert field guide locates the abundance of life on Shakati. These include porcupines, Blue Wildebeest and Impalas.

Watching the Stars

Photo Johan Fourie

Sitting back and watching the stars is a extremely rewarding pastime, where you can spot a billion different stars. You can imagine yourself there, or photograph them. The photographs above were taken with a method called: Star Trails – Long exposure. Have fun stargazing.

River Scenery

Photo Johan Fourie

Sitting next to the river at night time has a calming effect, hearing the water babble as it flows downstream in the Mokolo river. You can definitely watch out for owls and the occational cape clawless otter. Take the time and enjoy the river at night.


Lastly watch out for the weird and wonderful moths. The moths are usually easy to see close to bright light. Don’t just dismiss them, but look more closely and see these wonderful critters.


Photo Jane and Steen Damgaard

Photographs: Johan Fourie


Shakati Private Game reserve is a fascinating place at night – where you can truly experience the inspiring African night. It is filled with a million unseen sounds, and around each and every turn there is something to discover. There are many more creatures to be discovered here at Shakati, so come and join us for a spectacular night drive.


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