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African Grey Hornbill

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African Grey Hornbill Grysneushoringvoël Tockus nasutus
Identification Roberts
Size: 45 cm

Weight: 160 – 250 grams

Lifespan: 20 years

Colour: Curved bill (Male blacker bill, and female a bit of red in the bill). Overall Grey plumages, with head, shoulders and tail a darker shade of grey. A white line on both sides of his head which are clearly visible when the Grey Hornbill is in flight.

Diet Nest
Animals (Frogs, small rodents)

Insects and Arachnids


Nest in natural hole in tree, where the female seals the nest from inside, leaving only a small feeding hole. She then lays the egg and the male feeds her during 19-34 days. Thereafter the female breaks free once the 3-4 chicks have a sufficient chance on survival

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Article and Photographs by Johan Fourie