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Shakati Private Game Reserve is blessed with a variety of Fauna and Flora. Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring or indigenous—native plant life. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota. Sometimes bacteria and fungi are also referred to as flora. Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region or time. Zoologists and palaeontologists use fauna to refer to a typical collection of animals found in a specific time or place


BFE logoInclusion in Birdlife South Africa

It is with great pride that we announce that Shakati has been included into Birdlife South Africa’s birder friendly establishments.

Shakati is now visible on the Birder Friendly Establishment website.

This means that Shakati has been recognised in its efforts into Birdlife Conservation


Birdlife South Africa

“The vision of BirdLife South Africa is to see a country and region where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably. BirdLife South Africa’s mission is to strive to conserve birds, their habitats and biodiversity through scientifically-based programmes, through supporting the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources and through encouraging people to enjoy and value nature.  BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit and public benefit environmental organization and produces its own birds and birdwatching magazine, African Birdlife.”




Welcome to the 21st edition of Shakati Bush facts. In this special edition we will be sharing exciting news, and share where are the most popular birding sites on Shakati.


Inclusion in Birdlife South Africa

BFE logo

It is with great pride that we announce that Shakati has been included into Birdlife South Africa’s birder friendly establishments.

Shakati is now visible on the Birder Friendly Establishment website.

This means that Shakati has been recognized in its efforts into Birdlife Conservation

. Continue reading BUSH FACTS #21 – BIRDING HOTSPOTS



Welcome to the eleventh edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this special edition, we will be introducing you to the Shakati 5. The Shakati 5 was created to represent the Bio Diversity of Shakati and represents different areas of our fauna and Flora.

We all know the Big, Small, Little and Ugly five, but the Shakati 5 gives a unique perspective, as it provides a view of all the natural wonders found on Shakati

The Shakati 5 includes:

  • Grey Hornbill – Representing the Avian category
  • Bat Eared Fox – Representing the Animal Kingdom
  • Dung Beetle – Representing the Critters of the Field
  • Monkey Apple – Representing the flora (also called monkey orange)
  • Bush – Representing the Habitat

Have fun identifying these on Shakati! Continue reading SHAKATI BUSH FACTS #11 – SHAKATI FIVE



Welcome to the tenth edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this edition, we will be looking at the ugly five. In the first article in this series, we looked at the little five, in second article; we will focus on the shy five. In this, the third and last article in this series focuses on the Ugly five.

The “Ugly” five includes the hyena, wildebeest, vulture, warthog and the marabou stork. In reality this list was created, as a fun list as there is not “ugly” animals as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thus have fun in spotting these majestic and interesting looking animals. Continue reading SHAKATI BUSH FACTS #10 – UGLY FIVE

Fish List

The following Fish are found on Shakati for the avid fisherman

Common names Scientific names
Common mountain catfish Amphilius uranoscopus
African mottled eel Anguilla bengalensis labiata
Longfin eel Anguilla mossambica
Johnston’s topminnow Aplocheilichthys johnstoni
Broadstriped barb Barbus annectens
Hyphen barb Barbus bifrenatus
Shortfin barb Barbus brevipinnis
Orangefin barb Barbus eutaenia
Straightfin barb Barbus paludinosus
Beira barb Barbus radiatus
Threespot barb Barbus trimaculatus
Longbeard barb Barbus unitaeniatus
Bowstripe barb Barbus viviparus
Canary Kurper Chetia flaviventris
Sawfin rock catlet Chiloglanis paratus
Shortspine suckermouth Chiloglanis pretoriae
Sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus
Redeye labeo Labeo cylindricus
Leaden labeo Labeo molybdinus
Rednose labeo Labeo rosae
Silver labeo Labeo ruddi
Largescale yellowfish Labeobarbus marequensis
Bulldog Marcusenius macrolepidotus
River sardine Mesobola brevianalis
Silver robber Micralestes acutidens
Mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus
Churchill Petrocephalus wesselsi
Southern mouthbrooder Pseudocrenilabrus philander
Silver catfish Schilbe intermedius
Brown squeaker Synodontis zambezensis
Redbreast tilapia Tilapia rendalli
Banded tilapia Tilapia sparrmanii



Welcome to the eighth edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this edition, we will be looking at the little five. This is the first article of a 3 part series, which covers: the little five, the shy five and finally the ugly five.

South Africa have a rich biodiversity and one of the big attractions is the Big Five (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino). However, these animals are not the only attraction to the Bush, as there are many more interesting critters in the veld.

The Little five consist of Elephant Shrew, Buffalo Weaver, Leopard Tortoise, Antlion and Rhino Beetle. Each of these magnificent critters shares their name with one of the Big Five, and has similar trademarks. Thus, when you go on a game drive or stay at the lodge watch out for these remarkable critters. Continue reading SHAKATI BUSH FACTS #8 – THE LITTLE FIVE

Shakati/Waterberg: Geomorphology and Geology

Shakati/Waterberg: Geomorphology and Geology

Shakati is a portion of the farm Jacobsdal and is approximately 625 hectares in extent. The farm is situated within the Mokolo river catchment area app. 20 km north-west of Vaalwater and the Mokolo river flow through the farm towards north-west, where it later goes through Mokolo dam and then joins Limpopo River. Shakati lies at an altitude of about 1400m above sea level. (By comparison, Johannesburg is at an altitude of 1600-1800m and Pretoria at 1400-1550m). Shakati farm receives an average of about 600mm of rainfall per annum, mainly between November and March.

The geology of the region consists of a sequence of mainly sedimentary rocks varying in total thickness from 1500m to as much as 7000m. Some volcanic units occur at the base of the sequence, near Alma. This impressive succession is known collectively as the Waterberg Group of rocks, and has been dated as being of paleo-Proterozoic age, that is, between 2.0 and 1.6 billion years ago. The characteristic reddish colour of the Waterberg sediments is due to the presence of iron oxides, which in turn could only have been formed in the presence of free oxygen. The Waterberg ‘red beds’ therefore reflect the presence, at this early point in the Earth’s evolution, of considerable quantities of oxygen in the atmosphere and are the oldest examples known.

The Waterberg Group rests unconformably on top of the rocks of the Transvaal Supergroup (which form the hills around Pretoria and the Magaliesberg) and also above the igneous rocks of the Bushveld Complex, which occupy the area of the Springbok Flats and stretch westwards to Rustenburg and northeast towards Mokopane (Potgietersrus). All of these rock groups in turn are much younger than the sediments of the Witwatersrand Supergroup, which are 2.8-3.0 billion years old and which contain the gold reefs that provided the basis for South Africa’s gold mining industry.

This succession of large sedimentary basins, starting with the Witwatersrand 3 billion years ago and progressing upward through the Transvaal, the Bushveld Complex, the Waterberg and finally the Karoo, is a reflection of the remarkable geological stability that has characterised the southern part of the African continent virtually since the beginning of the geological record. This stable region, known as the Kaapvaal Craton, is one of only a few in the world – another is the Canadian shield – where very thick sequences of rocks can be found that represent almost the whole geological history of the earth, largely undistorted by the major volcanic or tectonic events that surrounded them.

Trees and Grasses List

List of common trees

No Latin name English name Afrikaans name
160 Acacia ataxacantha Flame thorn Vlamdoring
162 Acacia caffra Common hook-thorn Gewone haakdoring
172 Acacia karroo Sweet thorn Soetdoring
185 Acacia Senagal Tree-horn thorn Driehaakdoring
157 Albizia tanganyicensis Paperbark false-thorn Papierbasvalsdoring
295 Aloe marlothii Flat flowered aloe Bergaalwyn
Anthocleista grandiflora Forest fever tree Boskoorsboom
730 Brachylaena rotundata Mountain silver oak Bergvaalbos
325 Bridelia mollis Velvet sweetberry Fluweelsoetbessie
197 Burkea africana Wild seringa Wildesering
706 Canthium gilfillani Velvet-leaved canthium Fluweelklipels
710 Canthium mundianum Rock alder Klipels
667 Clerodendrum glabrum Tinderwood Tontelhout
Clutia pluchella Lightning bush Weerligbos
532 Combretum apiculatum Red bushwillow Rooibos
540 Combretum molle Velvet bushwillow Fluweelboswilg
243 Combretum nelsonii Waterberg Bushwillow Waterbergboswilg
546 Combretum zeyheri Large-fruited bushwillow Raasblaar
280 Commiphora mollis Velvet corkwood Fluweelkanniedood
278 Commiphora morlothii Paperbark corkwood Papierbaskanniedood
328 Croton gratissimus Lavender fever-berry Laventelkoorsbessie
564 Cussonia spicata Common cabbage tree Gewone kiepersol
190 Dichrostachys cineria Sickle bush Sekelbos
643 Diplorhynchus condylocarpon Horn-pod tree Horingpeutjieboom
471  Dombeya rotundifolia Common wild pear Gewone drolpeer
657 Ehretia rigida Puzzle bush Deurmekaarbos
Elephantorrhizia burkeii Sumach bean Basboontjie
581 Engelerophytum magalismontanum Transvaal milkplum Stamvrug
Erythroxylum delagoense Small-leaved coca tree Fynblaarkokaboom
594 Euclea crispa Blue guarri Bloughwarrie
597 Euclea natalensis Natal guarri Natalghwarrie
601 Euclea undulate Common guarri Gewone ghwarrie
Fadogia homblei Wildedadel
75 Faurea saligna Transvaal beech Transvaalboekenhout
63 Ficus abutilifolia Large-leaved rock fig Grootblaarrotsvy
50 Ficus sur Broom Cluster fig Besemtrosvy
48 Ficus thonningii Common wild fig Gewone wildevy
691 Gardenia volkensii Bushveld Gardenia Bosveldkatjiepiering
Grewia bicolor White raisin Witrosyntjie
459 Grewia flava Velvet raisin Fluweelrosyntjie
459 Grewia flavescens Rough-leaved Raisin Skurwe(blaar)-rosyntjie
462 Grewia monticola Silver raisin Vaalrosyntjie
Grewia occidentalis Croos-berry Kruidbessie
455 Heteropyxis natalensis Lavender tree Laventelboom
106 Hexalobus monopetalus Shakama-plum Shakamapruim
397 Iilex mitis Cape Holly Without
362 Lannea discolor Live-long Dikbas
111 Maytenus undata Koko tree Kokoboom
585 Mimusops zeyheri Transvaal red milkwood Moepel
226 Mundulea sericea Cork bush Kurkbos
Myrothamnus flabellifolia Resurrection plant Opstandingsplant
403  Ochna pulchra Peeling plane Lekkerbreek
617 Olea europea Olive tree Olienhout
Osyris lanceolata Transvaal Sumach Bergbas
375  Ozoroa paniculosa Common risen tree Gewone harpuisboom
433 Pappea capensis Jacke-plum Doppruim
Pavetta Gardeniifolia Common bride’s bush Gewone Bruidsbos
722 Pavetta zeyheri Small-leaved Bridal Bush F ynblaarbruidsbos
215 Peltophorum africanum Weeping wattle Huilboom
Pouzolzia mixta Soapbush Seepbos
87 Protea caffra Common sugarbush Gewone suikerbos
308 Pseudolachnostylis maprouneifolia Kudu-berry Koedoebessie
Psydrax Livida Green tree Groenboom
237 Pterocarpus rotundifolius Round-leaved teak Dopperkiaat
382 Rhus engleri Velvet karree Fluweelkaree
387 Rhus leptodictya Mountain karree Bergkaree
Rhus magalismontana Mountain wild currant Bergtaaibos
392 Rhus pyroides Common wild currant Gewone taaibos
360 Sclerocarya birrea Marula Maroela
623 Strychnos cocculoides Corky monkey orange Kurkbasklapper
626 Strychnos madagascariensis Black monkey orange Swartklapper
628 Strychnos pungens Spine-leaved monkey orange Stekelblaarklapper
555 Syzygium cordatum Water berry Waterbessie
703 Tapiphyllum parvifolium Mountain wild medlar Bergmispel
686 Tarenna supra-axillaris Narrow-leaved False Bride’s Bush Smalblaarbasterbruidsbos
548 Terminalia brachystemma Green cluster leaf Groenvaalboom
551 Terminalia sericea Silver cluster-leaf Vaalboom
Vangueria cyanescens Bush madlar Bosmispel
702 Vangueria infausta Wild medlar Wildemispel
663 Vitex pooara Poora Fingerleaf Waterberg-poerabessie
664 Vitex rehmannii Pipe-stem tree Pypsteelboom
103 Ximenia caffra Sourplum Suurpruim
447 Ziziphus mucronata Buffalo-thorn Blinkblaarwag ‘n bietjie


List of Common Grasses

  English Name Latin Name
1 Heeringbone grass Pogonartia squarrosa
2 Curly Leaf Eragrostis chloromelas
3 Tassel tree-awn Aristida congesta
4 Couch grass Cynodon dactylon
5 False couch grass Digitaria longiflora
6 Natal red top Melis repens
7 Cat’s tail Perotis patens
8 Common finger grass Digitaria eriantha
9 Rough tree-awn Aristida rhiniochlora

Wildlife List

List of common mammals at Shakati

English Name Afrikaans Name Danish Name Latin Name
Bush Baby Nagapie Alm. galago Galago senegalensis
Vervet Monkey Blouaap Grøn marekat Chlorocebus pygerythrus
Chacma Baboon Kaapse Bobbejaan Kappebavian Papio hamadryas
Burchell’s Zebra Zebra Alm. zebra Equus burchellii
Southern Giraffe Kameelperd Giraf Giraffa camelopardalis
Cape Eland Eland Elsdyrsantilope / Eland Tragelaphus oryx
Greater Kudu Koedoe Stor kudu Tragelaphus strepsoceros
Nyala Nyala Nyala Tragelaphus angasi
Red Hartebeest Rooi Hartebees Rød kongoni /rød ko-antilope Alcelaphus buselapus caama
Reedbuck Rietbok Alm. Rørbuk Kobus ellpsiprymnus
Blue Wildebeest Blou Wildebees Oksegnu Connochaetes taurinus
Impala Impala Impala Aepycearos melampys
Common/Grey Duiker Duiker Alm. Dykker / Grå dykkerantilope Sylvicapra grimmia
Steinbuck Steenbok Springbuk Raphicerus campestris
Warthog Vlakvark Vortesvin Phacochoerus africanus
Black backed Jackal Jakkals Skabaraksjakal Canis mesomelas
Aardwolf Aardwolf Jordulv Proteles cristatus
Bat Eared Fox Bakoorvos, bakoorjakkals, draaijakkals Ørehund Otocyon megalotis
Honey Badger Ratel Honninggrævling Mellivora capensis
African Civet Afrikaanse siwet Afrikansk Zibetkat / Civet Civettictis civetta
Leopard Luiperd Leopard Panthera pardus
Aardvark Aardvark Jordsvin Orycteropus afer
Brown Hyena Bruinhiëna Brun hyæne Hyeana brunnea
Porcupine Ystervark Sydligt afrikansk Hulepindsvin Hystrix africaeausralis
Caracal/Lynx Rooikat Karakal / Ørken los (lidt gammelt navn) Caracal caracal
Small-spotted Genet Muskeljaatkat Genette/europæisk genette / småplette genette Genetta genetta
African Wildcat Vaalboskat Afrikansk vildkat Felis silvestris cafra
Ground Squirrel Waaierstertgrondeekhoring Kap børsteegern Xerus inaurus
Tree Squirrel (Smith’s Bush Squirrel) Boomeekhoring Paraxerus cepapi
Spring Hare Springhaas Springhare Pedetes cafer
Scrub hare Kolhaas Lepus saxatilis
Yellow Mongoose Witkwas muishond Rævemangust Cynictis penicillata
Dwarf Mongoose Dwergmuishond Dværgmangust Helogale parvula
Banded Mongoose Gebande Muishond Zebramangust Mungos mungo
Slender Mongoose Swartkwasmuishond, rooimuishond Slankmangust Galerella sanguinea
Water Mongoose Kommetjiegatmuishond Sumpmangust Atilax paludinosus
Cape Clawless Otter Graototter Afrikansk fingerodder Aonyx capensis
Crocodile Krokodil Nilkrokodille Crocodylus niloticus
Hippopotamus Seekoei Flodhest Hippopotamus amphibius

Shakati Bird List

Bird-list, Shakati private Game Reserve

Last update 30. March 2016 

  • The numbers refer to species frequency: 4 = common, 3 = less common, 2 = few, 1 = single record.
  • ? means ALMOST sure, hereby signalling that the species must be additionally confirmed.
  • The sequence of the species and the bird names – at least the groups – follow the SASOL “Birds of Southern Africa”. The English names follow the new names from the 3rd edition of the book.
  • Total 260 species.
Roberts Reference # English Name Afrikaans Name Latin Name Frequency
8 Little Grebe Kleindobbertjie Tachydaptus ruficollis 1
55 White-breasted Cormorant Witborsduiker Phalacrocorax lucidus 1
58 Reed Cormorant Rietduike Phalacrocorax africanus 3
60 African Darter Slanghalsvoël Anhinga rufa 2
64 Goliath Heron Reuse Reier Ardea goliath 2
65 Purple Heron Rooireier Ardea purpurea 2
67 Little Egret Kleinwitreier Egretta garzetta 1
69 Black Heron Swartreier Egretta ardesiaca 1
71 Cattle Egret Bosluisvoël Bubulcus ibis 3
72 Squacco Heron Ralreier Ardeola ralloides 2
74 Green-backed Heron   Groenrugreier Butorides striatus 3
76 Black-crowned Night-heron Gewone nagreier Nycticorax nycticorax 2
77 White-backed Night-heron Witrugnagreier Gorsachius leuconotus 2
78 Little Bittern Kleinrietreier Ixobrychus minutus 2
81 Hamerkop Hamerkop Scopus umbretta 3
83 White Stork Witooievaar Ciconia ciconia 3
84 Black Stork Grootswartooievaar Ciconia nigra 1
85 Abdims Stork Kleinswartooievaar Ciconia abdimii 2
87 Openbilled Stork Oopbekooievaar Anastomus lamelligerus 2
  African Spoonbill Lepelaar Platalea alba 1
94 Hadeda Ibis Hadeda Bostrychia hagedash 3
99 White-faced Duck   Nonnetjie-eend Dendrocygna viduata 3
102 Egyptian Goose   Kolgans Alopochen aegyptiacus 3
105 African Black Duck Swarteend Anas sparsa 2
115 Comb Duck Knobbeleend Sarkidiornis melanotos 3
116 Spur-winged Goose   Wildemakou Plectropterus gambensis 3
118 Secretarybird Secretaris voel Sagittarius serpentarius 2
122 Cape Vulture Kransaasvoël Gyps coprotheres 2
126 Black Kite Swartwou Milvus migrans 1
127 Black-shouldered Kite   Blouvalk Elanus caeruleus 2
130 European Honey Buzzard Wespedief Pernis apivorus 2
132 Tawny Eagle Roofarend Aquila rapax 1
135 Wahlberg´s Eagle Bruinarend Aquila wahlbergi 3
136 Booted Eagle Dwergarend Hieraaetus pennatus 2
137 African Hawk-eagle Afrikaanse Jagarend Hieraaetus fasciatus 2
142 Brown Snake-eagle Bruinslangarend Circaetus cinereus 2
143 Black-chested Snake-eagle Swartborsslangarend Circaetus gallicus 2
148 African Fish-eagle Visarend Haleaeetus vocifer 2
149 Steppe Buzzard Bruinjakkalvoël Buteo buteo 3
152 Jackal Buzzard Rooiborsjakkalvoël Buteo rufofuscus 1
154 Lizard Buzzard Akkedisvalk Kaupifalco monogrammicus 2
157 Little Sparrowhawk Kleinsperwer Accipiter minullus 2
159 Shikra Gebande Sperwer Accipiter badius 3
161 Gabar Goshawk Kleinsingvalk Micronisus gabar 1
? Black Sparrowhawk Swartsperwer Accipiter melanoleucus 1
166 Montagu`s Harrier Bloupaddavreter Circus pygargus 1
167 Pallid Harrier Witborsvleivalk Circus macrourus 1
169 African Harrier-hawk Kaalwangvalk Polyboroides typus 2
172 Lanner Falcon ? Edelvalk ? Falco biarmicus ? 1
173 Eurasian Hobby Europese Boomvalk Falco subbuteo 2
174 African Hobby Afrikaanse Boomvalk Falco cuvierii 2
180 Amur Falcon Oostelike Rooipootvalk Falco Amurensis 2
183 Lesser Kestrel Kleinrooivalk Falco naumanni 2
188 Coqui Francolin Swempie Francolinis coqui 3
189 Crested Francolin Bospatrys Francolinus sephaena 3
201 Harlequin Quail Bontkwartel Coturnix delegorguei 1
203 Helmeted Guineafowl Gewone Tarentaal Numida meleagris 4
205 Small Buttonquail Bosveldkwarteltjie Turnix sylvaticus 2
213 Black Crake Swartriethaan Amaurornis flavirostris 2
223 African Purple Swamphen Grootkoningriethann Porphyrio madagascariensis 1
237 Red-crested Korhaan Boskorhaan Eupodotis ruficrista 2
249 Three-banded Plover Driebandstrandkiewit Charadrius tricollaris 2
255 Crowned Lapwing Kroonkiewiet Vanellus coronatus 2
258 Blacksmith Lapwing Bontkiewiet Vanellus armatus 1
260 African Wattled Lapwing Leikiewiet Vanellus senegallus 3
264 Common Sandpiper Gewone Ruiter Tringa hypoleucos 2
265 Green Sandpiper Witgatruiter Tringa ochropus 1
266 Wood Sandpiper Bosruiter Tringa glareola 2
270 Common Greenshank Groenpootruiter Tringa nebularia 1
297 Spotted Thick-knee Gewone Dikkop Burhinus capensis 2
303 Bronze-winged courser Bronsvlerkdrawwertjie Rhinoptilus chalcopterus 1
349 Speckled Pigeon Kransduif Columba guinea 2
352 Red-eyed Dove Grootringduif Streptopelia semitorquata 4
354 Cape Turtle-dove Gewone Tortelduif Streptopelia capicola 4
355 Laughing Dove Rooiborsduifie Streptopelia senegalensis 4
356 Namaqua Dove Namakwaduifie Oena capensis 3
358 Emerald-spotted Dove Groenvlekduifie Turtur chalcospilos 4
361 African Green Pigeon Papegaaiduif Treron calvus 2
373 Grey Go-away-bird Kwevoël Corythaixoides concolor 4
375 African Cuckoo Afrikaanse Koekoek Cuculus gularis 3
377 Red-chested Cuckoo Piet-my-vrou Cuculus solitarius 4
378 Black Cuckoo Swartkoekoek Cuculus clamosus 3
381 Levaillant´s Cuckoo Gestreepte Nuwejaarsvoel Clamator levaillantii 2
382 Jacobin Cuckoo Bontnuwejaarsvoël Clamator jacobinus 3
385 Klaas’s Cuckoo Meitjie Chrysococcys klaas 3
386 Diderick Cuckoo Diederikkie Chrysococcyx caprius 4
391 Burchell’s Coucal   Gewone Vleiloerie Centropus burchellii 2
392 Barnowl Nonnetjie Uil Tyto alba 2
398 Pearl-spotted Owlet Witkoluil Glaucidium perlatum 1
397 Southern White-faced Scops-owl Witwanguil Otus leucotis 2
401 Spotted Eagle Owl Gevlekte Ooruil Bubo africanus 3
405 Fiery-necked Nightjar Afrikaanse Naguil Caprimulgus pectoralis 3
406 Rufous-cheeked Nightjar Rooiwang Naguil Caprimulgus rufigena 1
408 Freckled Nightjar Donker Naguil Caprimulgus tristigma 3
409 Square-tailed Nightjar Laeveldnaguil Caprimulgus fossii 1
411 European Swift Europese Windswael? Apus apus? 3
415 White-rumped Swift Witkruiswindswael Apus caffer 2
416 Horus Swift Horuswindswael Apus horus 2
417 Little Swift Kleinwindswael Apus affinis 3
421 African Palm-swift Palmwindswael Cypsiurus parvus 2
424 Speckled Mousebird Gevlekte Muisvoël Colius striatus 2
426 Red-faced Mousebird Rooiwangmuisvoël Urocolius indicus 3
428 Pied Kingfisher Bontviesvanger Ceryle rudis 2
429 Giant Kingfisher Reuse Visvanger Ceryle maxima 2
430 Half-collared Kingfisher Blouvisvanger Alcedo semitorquata 1
431 Malachite Kingfisher Kuifkopvisvanger Alcedo cristata 2
432 African Pygmy Kingfisher Dwergvisvanger Ispidina picta 3
433 Woodland Kingfisher Bosveldvisvanger Halcyon senegalensis 4
435 Brown-hooded Kingfisher Bruinkopvisvanger Halcyon albiventris 3
436 Grey-headed Kingfisher Gryskopvisvanger Halcyon leucocephala 2
437 Striped Kingfisher Gestreepte Visvanger Halcyon chelicuti 2
438 European Bee-eater Europese Byvreter Merops apiaster 4
440 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Blouwang Byvreter Merops persicus 1
443 White-fronted Bee-eater Rooikeelbyvreter Merops bullockoides 3
444 Little Bee-eater Kleinbyvreter Merops pusillus 3
445 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater Swaelstert Byvreter Merops hirundineus 2
446 European Roller? Europese Troupant? Coracias garrulous? 1
447 Lilac-breasted Roller Gewone Troupant Coracias caudate 2
449 Purple Roller Groottroupant Coracias naevius 2
451 African Hoopoe Afrikaanse Hoephoep Upupa Africana 2
452 Green Wood-hoopoe Gewone Kakelaar Phoeniculus purpureus 3
454 Common Scimitarbill Swartbekkakelaar Rhinopomastus cyanomelas 2
457 African Grey Hornbill Grysneushoringvoël Tockus nasatus 3
458 Red-billed Hornbill Rooibekneushoringvoel Tockus erythrorhynrhus 2
459 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Geelbekneushoringvoël Tockus leucomelas 2
464 Black-collared Barbet Rooikophoutkapper Lybius torquatus 3
465 Acacia Pied Barbet Bonthoutkapper Tricholaema leucomelas 2
470 Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird Geelblestinker Pogoniulus chrysoconus 3
473 Crested Barbet Kuifkophoutkapper Trachyphonus vaillantii 3
474 Greater Honeyguide Grootheuningwyser Indicator indicator 2
476 Lesser Honeyguide Kleinheuningwyser Indicator minor 3
478 Brown-backed Honeybird Skerpbekheuningvoel Prodotiscus regulus 2
481 Bennett´s Woodpecker Bennettse Speg Campethera bennettii 3
483 Golden-tailed Woodpecker Goudstertspeg Campethera abingoni 3
486 Cardinal Woodpecker Kardinaalspeg Dendropicos fuscescens 4
487 Bearded Woodpecker Baard Speg Thripias namaquus 2
490 African Broadbill? Breëbek? Smithornis capensis? 1
494 Rufous-naped Lark Rooineklewerik Mirafra Africana 3
497 Fawn-coloured Lark Vaalbruinlewerik Mirafra africanoides 2
498 Sabota Lark Sabotale Werik Mirafra sabota 2
505 Dusky Lark Donkerlewerik Pinarocorys nigricans 1
518 Barn Swallow Europese Swael Hirundo rustica 4
520 White-throated Swallow Witkeelswael Hirundo albigularis 3
522 Wire-tailed Swallow Draadstertswael Hirundo smithii 2
523 Pearl-breasted Swallow Perelborsswael Hirundo dimidiate 3
524 Red-breasted Swallow Rooiborsswael Hirundo semirufa 1
527 Lesser Striped Swallow Kleinstreepswael Hirundo abyssinica 4
528 South African Cliff Swallow Familieswael Hirundo cucullata 2
529 Rock Martin Kransswael Hirundo fuligula 3
530 Common House Martin Huisswael Delichon urbica 3
531 Grey-rumped Swallow Gryskruisswael Pseudohirundo griseopyga 1
532 Sand Martin Europese Oewerswael Riparia riparia 2
533 Brown-throated Martin Afrikaanse Oewerswael Riparia paludicola 1
534 Banded Martin Gebande Oewerswael Riparia cincta 1
538 Black Cuckooshrike Swartcatakoeroe Campephaga flava 3
541 Fork-tailed Drongo Mikstertbyvanger Dicrurus adsimilis 4
543 Eurasian Golden Oriole Europese Wielewaal Oriolus oriolus 1
545 Black-headed Oriole Oostelike Swartkopwielewaal Oriolus larvatus 4
554 Southern Black Tit Gewone Swartmees Parus niger 3
558 Grey Penduline Tit Gryskapokvoel Anthoscopus caroli 1
560 Arrow-marked Babbler Pylvlekkatlagter Turdoides jardineii 3
567 African Red-eyed Bulbul Rooioogtiptol Pycnonotus nigricans 1
568 Dark-capped Bulbul Swartoogtiptol Pycnonotus barbatus 4
574 Yellow-bellied Greenbul Afrikaanse Geelborswillie Chlorocichla flaviventris 2
576 Kurrichane Trush Rooibeklyster Turdus libonyana 4
580 Ground-scraper Trush Gevlekte Lyster Turdus litsitsirupa 4
589 Familiar Chat Gewone Spekvreter Cercomela familiaris 1
593 Mocking Cliff-chat Dassievoël Thamnolaea cinna momeiventris 1
595 Anteating Chat Swartpiek Myrmecocichla formicivora 1
596 African Stonechat Gewone Bontrokkie Saxicola torquata 2
602 White-throated Robin-chat Afrikaanse Witkeeljanfrederik Cossypha humeralis 3
613 White-browed Scrub-robin Gestreepte Wipstert Erythropygia leucophrys 4
619 Garden Warbler Tuinsanger Sylvia borin 1
620 Common Whitethroat? Gewone Witkeelsanger ? Sylvia communis ? 1
621 Chestnut-ventet Tit-babbler Bosveldtjeriktik Parisoma subcaeruleum 1
626 Olive-tree Warbler Olyfboomsanger Hippolais olivetorum 1
627 River Warbler Sprinkaansanger Locustella fluviatilis 1
628 Great Reed-warbler Groot Rietsanger Acrocephalus arundinaceus 2
633 Marsh Warbler Europese Rietsanger Acrocephalus palustris 2
631 African Reed-warbler Kleinrietsanger Acrocephalus baeticatus 2
630 Eurasian Reed-warbler? Hermanse Rietsanger? Acrocephalus scirpaceus? 1
635 Cape Reed Warbler Kaapse Rietsanger Acrocephalus gracilirostris 2
637 African Yellow Warbler Geelsanger Chloropeta natalensis 1
638 African Sedge Warbler Kaapse Vleisanger Bradypterus babeocala 2
643 Willow Warbler Hofsanger Phylloscopus trochilus 4
645 Bar-throated Apalis Bandkeelklein Jantjie Apalis thoracica 2
651 Long-billed Crombec Bosveldstrompstert Sylvietta rufescens 3
653 Yellow-bellied Eremomela Geelpensbossanger Eremomela icteropygialis 1
655 Green-capped Eremomela Donkerwangbossanger Eremomela scotops 2
657 Grey-backed Camaroptera Grys Kwe-kwevoël Cameroptera brevicaudata 4
664 Zitting Cisticola Landeryklopkloppie Cisticola juncidis 2
665 Desert Cisticola Woestynklopkloppie Cisticola aridulus 2
666 Cloud Cisticola? Gevlekte Klopkloppie? Cisticola textrix? 1
672 Rattling Cisticola Bosveldtinktinkie Cisticola chiniana 3
679 Lazy Cisticola Luitinktinkie Cisticola aberrans 2
681 Neddicky Neddikkie Cisticola fulvicapillus 4
683 Tawny-flanked Prinia Bruinsylangstertjie Prinia subflava 4
689 Spotted Flycatcher Europese Vlieevanger Muscicapa striata 4
691 Ashy Flycatcher Blougrysvlieevanger Muscicapa caerulescens 1
693 Grey Tit-flycatcher Waaierstertvlieëvanger Myioparus plumbeus 2
694 Southern Black Flycatcher Suidelike Swartvlieevanger Melaenornis pammelaina 3
696 Pale Flycatcher Muiskleurvlieevanger Bradornis pallidus 3
701 Chinspot Batis Witliesbosbontrokkie Batis molitor 3
710 African Paradise-flycatcher Paradysvlieevanger Tersiphone viridis 4
711 African Pied Wagtail Bontkwikkie Motacilla aguimp 2
713 Cape Wagtail Gewone Kwikkie Motacilla capensis 2
720 Striped Pipit Gestreepte Koeste Anthus lineiventris 2
723 Bushveld Pipit Bosveldkoester Anthus caffer 3
731 Lesser Grey Shrike Gryslaksman Lanius minor 1
732 Common Fiscal Fiskaallaksman Lanius collaris 1
733 Red-backed Shrike Rooiruglaksman Lanius collurio 3
735 Magpie Shrike Langstertlaksman Corvinella melanoleuca 2
736 Southern Boubou Suidelike Waterfiskaal Laniarius ferrugineus 3
740 Black-backed Puffback Swartrugsneeubal Dryoscopus cubla 4
741 Brubru Bontroklaksman Nilaus afer 3
743 Brown-crowned Tchagra Rooivlerktjagra Tchagra australis 4
744 Black-crowned Tchagra Swartkroontjagra Tchagra senegala 2
748 Orange-breasted Bush Shrike Oranjeborsboslaksman Telophorus sulfureopectus 2
751 Grey-headed Bush Shrike Spookvoël Malaconotus blanchoti 2
753 White-crested Helmet Shrike Withelmlaksman Prionops plumatus 3
754 Retz´s Helmet-shrike Swarthelmlaksman Prionops retzii 1
756 Southern White-crowned Shrike Kremetartlaksman Eurocephalus anguitimens 2
758 Common Myna Indiese Spreeu Acridotheres tristis 2
760 Wattled Starling Lelspreeu Creatophora cinerea 3
761 Violet-backed Starling Witborsspreeu Cinnyricinclus leucogaster 4
762 Burchells Starling Grootglansspreeu Lamprotornis australis 1
764 Cape Glossy Starling Kleinglansspreeu Lamprotornis nitens 3
769 Red-winged Starling Roouvlerkspreeu Onychognathus morio 2
772 Red-billed Oxpecker Rooibekrenostervoel Buphagus erythrorhynchus 1
779 Marico Sunbird Maricosuikerbekkie Nectarinia mariquensis 2
787 White-bellied Sunbird Witpenssuikerbekkie Nectarinia talatala 4
792 Amethyst Sunbird Afrikaanse Swartsuikerbekkie Nectarinia amethystina 3
796 Cape White-eye Kaapse Glasogie Zosterops pallidus 4
804 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow Gryskopmossie Passer diffusus 2
805 Yellow-throated Petronia Geelvlekmossie Petronia superciliaris 2
807 Thick-billed weaver Dikbekwewer Amblyospiza albifrons 1
811 Village Weaver Bontrugwewer Ploceus cucullatus 4
813 Cape Weaver Kaapse Wewer Ploceus capensis 2
814 Southern Masked Weaver Swartkeelgeelvink Ploceus velatus 4
819 Red-headed Weaver Rooikopwewer Anaplectes rubriceps 3
821 Red-billed Quelea? Rooibekkwelea? Quelea quelea? 2
822 Red-headed Quelea Rooikopkwelea Quelea erythrops 2
824 Southern Red Bishop Rooivink Euplectes orix 2
829 White-winged Widowbird Witvlerkflap Euplectes albonotatus 2
834 Green-winged Pytilia Gewone Melba Pytilia melba 1
841 Jameson´s Firefinch Jamesonse Robbin Lagonosticta rhodopareia 3
842 Red-billed Firefinch Rooibekvuurvinkie Lagonosticta senegala 1
844 Blue Waxbill Gewone Blousysie Uraeginthus angolensis 4
845 Violet-eared Waxbill Koningblousysie Uraeginthus granatinus 2
846 Common Waxbill Rooibeksyssie Estrilda astril 3
857 Bronze Mannikin Gewone Fret Spermestes cucullatus 3
860 Pin-tailed Whydah Koningrooibekkie Vidua macroura 1
862 Long-tailed Paradise Whydah Gewone Paradysvink Vidua paradisaea 1
864 Dusky Indigobird Gewone Blouvinkie Vidua funerea 1
869 Yellow-fronted Canary Geeloogkanarie Serinus mozambicus 4
870 Black-throated Canary Bergkanarie Serinus atrogularis 2
881 Streaky-headed Seed-eater Steepkopkanarie Serinus gularis 2
884 Golden-breasted Bunting Rooirugstreepkoppie Emberiza flaviventris 4
  Lark-like Bunting Vaalstreepkoppie Emberiza impetuani 1
886 Cinnamon-breasted Bunting Klipstreepkoppie Emberiza tahapis 3