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Welcome to the eleventh edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this special edition, we will be introducing you to the Shakati 5. The Shakati 5 was created to represent the Bio Diversity of Shakati and represents different areas of our fauna and Flora.

We all know the Big, Small, Little and Ugly five, but the Shakati 5 gives a unique perspective, as it provides a view of all the natural wonders found on Shakati

The Shakati 5 includes:

  • Grey Hornbill – Representing the Avian category
  • Bat Eared Fox – Representing the Animal Kingdom
  • Dung Beetle – Representing the Critters of the Field
  • Monkey Apple – Representing the flora (also called monkey orange)
  • Bush – Representing the Habitat

Have fun identifying these on Shakati! Continue reading SHAKATI BUSH FACTS #11 – SHAKATI FIVE